Keyless Ingnition, Who actually thought this was a good idea?
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Keyless ignitions, what exactly is the benefit of this reletively new techology. Today may people are spared the horror of actually having to put a key into the ignition of a car and turning that key to start the car. Certainly the world waited agonizing over when this technology would hit the mainstream of the auto market. Now that you may be one of the may no longer tourmented by having to turn a key are you aware of the downside to this technology.

So let assume you stop to you the the facilities at a gas station in a really nasty part of town. You do not really want to but your just not going to make it home. While you are taing care of business you unfortunately drop your keys in that nasty toilet. What a nightmare, but the nightmare is a lot worse thanks to your keyless ingnition, because even once you manage to recover your keys you cannot start your car. Now stopping at that gas station in that bad part of town really seams like a bad idea as you cannot leave because your car will not start.

How about this one, you are heading  Gander Mountain in Sherman to purchase some camping gear that is not available currently at the stores in the Dallas area. You start your car but forget your cell phone so you and run back into the house. While looking for your ohone you set your car keys on the counter. You find your phone but on the way out you for get yur car keys (fob). You get to the parking lot of the Gander Mountain in Sherman and turn of your car. You do not realise it yet but you just screwed yourself as now you cannot start your car and you are fifty miles away from home.

I saved the worst for last. keyless ignition could actually kill you. Your house has an attached guarge, you get home and forget to turn off your car something rather difficult to do with an actual key. You go into your house your car quitely keeps running filling your house with Carbon Monoxide. sound outlandish, well it has happened. You can read more at NBC NEWS