Yes, they are laws
There are some stupid Laws out there may of them are associated with driving and Highways

So if you are driving in an area you are not familiar with perhaps Eureka, California remember that it is illegal to use the road as a bed or ride your horn in Little Rock Arkansas at a restaurant after 9:30 pm. 

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Dashboard lights
Lights Lights More Lights

The dash board of many of today's car are a wealth of information. Unfortunately, for many folks these light are mysterious as the Bermuda Triangle. To be honest a lot of the lights you see on your dash board are self explanatory but that is certainly not alway the case. So we have a listing of some of the more common lights found on today's vehicles. This is by no way a complete listing.

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Balloons Balloons

So is the Plano Balloon Festival just not enough ballons for you? If this is the case just south of Longview Texas each year is a major balloon event. The Great Texas Ballon Race is held during the latter part of July at the East Texas Regional Airport each year. This year it is taking place from July 22nd to the 24th. Friday night the 22nd and Saturday night the 23rd they will have bands playing. Attendence is free with admission to the balloon race.

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Keyless Ingnition, Who actually thought this was a good idea?

Keyless ignitions, what exactly is the benefit of this reletively new techology. Today may people are spared the horror of actually having to put a key into the ignition of a car and turning that key to start the car. Certainly the world waited agonizing over when this technology would hit the mainstream of the auto market. Now that you may be one of the may no longer tourmented by having to turn a key are you aware of the downside to this technology.

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