Kwik Kar Willow Bend has been a proud supporter of local schools for may years. When ownership changed in July of 2013, that tradition was continued and expanded. Barksdale Elementry just two blocks away is an example of our commitment to local schools. Since 2013 Kwik Kar Willow Bend has designated every Sunday and Tuesday Barksdale Days. Every customer the mentioned Barksdale Elementry at check out get $7.00 and oil change or 10% of mechanical work and Barksdale PTA gets $5.00.

Kwik Kar Willow Bend has supported a number of other local schools. We helped the Prince of Peace Eaglette Drill Team participate in the 2015 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade through a financial donation. During the 2015 football season Kwik Kar Willow Bend help to support the football teams at Prince of Peace, Prestonwood Christian Academy and Hebron High School, by sponseship in their game program with the addition of fan participation coupons. The idea was when the team won the fans would be able to get $10.00 coupons, The weeks where at eam was not victorious fans could alway get a $7.00 of coupon. In all honesty, we did not do a good job of keeping on top of this so for those fans who checked out the website using the QR code in the program, they got a $10.00 off coupon no matter how the team did.