Q. I am hearing a noise when I apply my breaks, do I need break work?

First off, if you are worried about a noise coming from your breaks, especially a noise you just started hearing it might be a good idea to stop in for a free break inspection. We will be glad to take a look at your brake system and tell you is causing the noise you are hearing. Your brakes are just about the most important safety feature on your vehicle. It is never a good idea to ignore a problem with something as important to the safe operation of a vehicle

There are a number of reasons why your breaks my be making a noise. Very often if you are hearing a noise, especially a noise you are not accustom to hearing you may need break work. If your last break repair was at a place offering free lifetime replacement and a price like $99. These type of deal usually comes with the least expensive brake pads or shoes available, which makes sense considering the cost of the service. The type break pads or shoes used in these offers a typically very hard metallic  pads and shoes. It is not uncommon for these pads and shoes to cause a squeaking noise. They work just fine in stopping your car but they can be noisy and will wear out your disks and drums much faster than the pads and shoes originally found on your car from the manufacturer. This is great for the shop selling the $99 lifetime pads because when you come back the next time you very well may need new rotors (disks) and/or drums.

Often times brake will begin to make noise as the pads get close to being worn out. Some brakes have wear indicators that will cause noise when your brake get close to being worn out. The indicator cause a noise as a warning to the vehicles owner that services is going to be needed soon. If you are hearing a loud squealing or grinding noise it is time to have your breaks checked. Your brakes should really never make a grinding noise. If your brakes are grinding you need to have them inspected immediately.